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Tracking Down a Water Leak After a Storm | SERVPRO of Upper Darby

7/28/2023 (Permalink)

Dramatic shot of a lightning bolt branching out of a dark storm cloud Does your home or business have water damage from a recent storm? Call SERVPRO of Upper Darby to get your space back in order.

The storm season sure is a long one in eastern Pennsylvania, and we are in the heart of severe thunderstorm and coastal storm season right now. Any time that a storm blows through our area, your home has the potential to spring a leak and suffer extensive water damage.

In order to stop these leaks from occurring, you have to be proactive about checking the most common spaces around your home that are prone to water leaks. Can you guess where a few of them might be? Read on as our SERVPRO of Upper Darby team explains the most common places so you can put a stop to potential water damage.

Deteriorating Seals

Any part of your home that has access to the outside has the potential to leak. If the seals around your windows and doors are worn or showing their age, rain can easily slide in between and can leak down your walls. Unfortunately, this isn’t always noticeable right away because the leak could be happening behind your drywall and that can lead to rotten walls or a mold situation quickly.

The threshold of your doors also can suffer water damage if the leak is consistent. Over time, the wood can rot and cause your entire porch or deck to start sagging or warp. Check these areas often for signs of wear and tear and get into the habit of checking them for moisture after each storm.

Under Your Shingles

When was the last time you got up on your roof? Our roofs have the important job of keeping us warm and dry during severe storms, but that also means they are the first line of defense when it comes to suffering damage. Broken or missing shingles can easily invite water up under your roof that can leak down your attic or your walls. If your home suffers an impact like from a fallen tree, this damage will typically be quite obvious.

No matter how it happens, a water leak in your attic has the potential to cause chaos throughout your entire home. As the water seeps through your floors, it can infiltrate ceilings, walls and even your floor joists. Do a thorough roof inspection after each storm or high wind situation to check for damage and repair any issues quickly.

The Siding of Your Home

Depending on the kind of storm and wind pattern, your siding could become compromised and cause rain to get behind it. Straight-line winds can cause rain to “fall” sideways and it can cause significant water issues and damage in a single weather event. Checking your siding after a storm can help identify potential damage so you can take action quickly.

Even if you are diligent about checking your home often, water is sneaky and you could be left with significant water damage. That’s where SERVPRO of Upper Darby comes in! We have the tools, training and industry-leading drying equipment to handle whatever water damage situation you are faced with. After we are through, you would never know your home suffered any water damage at all!

Got water damage? Our SERVPRO® specialists can help.

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