What our Customers say...


Nothing Short of Spectacular

"The service was nothing short of spectacular. I had water damage at a rental property. They responded very quickly. My call to the office was after 6 PM evening the water was extracted and the drying process began. There was very little disruption to my tenant. 3 days later everything was dry and the reconstruction could begin. Thank you so much!"

Fair Priced Company

"Awesome experience!!! Very professional and fair priced company with a super friendly staff!!!"

Wonderful Experience!

"Wonderful experience! They came out and assessed our house flood, offered immediate service and advice on how to handle things and was able to calm us in an otherwise very stressful situation."

Quality Work Always!

"Immediate attention and needs of a busy hotel. They turned the rooms around quickly and efficiently! Quality work always!"

A+++ Service

"A+++ Service. Thank you so much for your great service!"

Amazed with the Level of Professionalism

"A family member had a fire in her house and they handled the fire restoration services. I was very happy with how well everything was done and amazed with the level of professionalism"

Above & Beyond

"Customer service is phenomenal. They go above and beyond to assure complete customer satisfaction"

Service Was Excellent

"Great experience! Service was excellent. Crystal was extremely helpful and knowledgeable"

Extremely Professional

"While dealing with SERVPRO I found that they were an extremely professional staff and knowledge. It was a pleasure dealing with Crystal Moyer, she was excellent and friendly."

You're a Person and Not Just a Number!!

"What a good company to deal with. One of the last company where you're treated professionally and you're a person and not just a number!!"

Great Service!

"Thank you very much for the great service."

The Carpet Looked Pretty Much Brand New Again

"I was very happy with the service I received from SERVPRO. When I moved into my home there were stains on the carpet in the upstairs bedroom from the pets of the previous owners. I tried everything I could think of to remove the stains but nothing seemed to work. Along with the stains, there was some odor as well. My neighbor referred me to SERVPRO so I called them and they came out the next day. They were able to remove the stains and the smell. The carpet looked pretty much brand new again. They had it all taken care of in just a matter of a few hours. Will definitely contact them again if need be in the future"

They Cared About My Mold Issue and Health Issue

"SERVPRO is excellent. We had a mold issue that was affecting my health. Right from the first call in, they were very friendly and professional. I called 3 companies and they were the only ones who cared enough to return my call on the same day. They cared about my mold issue and health issue and worked diligently to correct the issue within my home. I cannot thank them enough for the amount of delicate care that they put into their work. I, as will my husband, will be highly recommending these Pros!"

They Came To My Rescue!

"Fast, friendly and great service. Sump pump failed again and they came to my rescue"

They Really Are PROS!

"I couldn't be happier with the outstanding service we received from SERVPRO. Their response time was fast and their service was impeccable. Even after running into a small issue that could've easily been a setback, the repair time and charges were still very reasonable. We were impressed with them to the point that we are already recommending them to others. They really are PROS!"

They Were Very Efficient.

“I was very pleased with the service provided by SERVPRO when they came in to help clean up after water damaged my basement. A pipe had burst in the middle of the night and when we woke to find a lot of water in the basement I was overwhelmed with the thought of draining the water out of the basement.

I called SERVPRO and they responded very quickly. They were very efficient. They had specialists return to check on the drying process. I was impressed with all the different equipment they brought in to my home to do the job.

Very Helpful Staff

"Very speedy response times. Very helpful staff. And the best part is they got rid of the mold in my bathroom!"


We are blessed to have such excellent service!!

SERVPRO of Upper Darby Saves The Day!

AWESOME!    I called @ 830 with a flooded shop, SERVPRO of Upper Darby was there at 9:30 and out of the way by 11:00. 

They saved our ribbon cutting day.

Water Damage: Bryn Mawr, PA

Excellent Service!

Kitchen Oven Fire: Lansdowne, PA

The ladies you sent were wonderful as people and great workers. They are a true asset to the company. Please give them recognition for their services.

SERVPRO OFFICE STAFF DEMONSTRATES SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE... In speaking with Sherry now, as well as with Amy in the past, you have both been so kind and polite. It actually makes my day when I call there.

EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE SERVICE FROM A HOT WATER HEATER BREAK IN VILLANOVA.... I am not someone who is impressed easily, but the emergency water damage service we received after our hot water heater broke was very impressive. I would never have been able to achieve results like this so quickly.

I can’t think of one thing they could improve on. We had a wonderful experience with SERVPRO. Everyone I dealt with was exceptional. The 3 crews that came were wonderful and informative. I also want to add that the crew that took down all of the woodwork did an amazing job. They managed to get all of it down without damaging anything. The contractor and painter were amazed that they managed to get it all down and keep everything in order, so it was easily put back!

RESIDENTIAL WATER DAMAGE CLEAN-UP IN HAVERFORD PA FROM A BURST WATER PIPE... All of your staff was professional. They cleaned up well after picking up all the equipment. Wonderful job. Satisfied with staff.

EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE CLEAN UP IN HAVERTOWN PA.... Mr. Martin Garcia was an excellent service provider, professional and a great team leader!

WHOLE HOUSE WATER DAMAGE CLEAN UP FROM A BROKEN PIPE IN NEWTOWN SQ PA... What was demonstrated to me was business excellence! John and crew were EXCELLENT!

I was tremendously impressed with their service and found them to be extremely kind and courteous.

MAJOR WATER DAMAGE IN BRYN MAWR PA... We had water gushing into our house. We called the SERVPRO of Upper Darby office to handle our water clean up. They were awesome and Martin and David were great!

After our hot water heater burst we had water flooding our basement. Your crews are awesome! Thank you!

After a pipe broke and water was everywhere I was told by my insurance adjuster to call your SERVPRO office. Great job!

We live in Wayne PA and had a leaky faucet, We called SERVPRO to clean up the water. Overall, everything went well and the people were very nice to deal with.

I was tremendously impressed with their service and found them to be extremely kind and courteous.

WATER DAMAGE FROM SUMP PUMP FAILURE IN WILMINGTON DE... The SERVPRO team was Very Professional, Courteous and Polite!

WATER DAMAGE FROM A FROZEN PIPE IN DOVER DELAWARE... As I just discussed with Amy, the service was great. Everyone we worked with was very polite and personable. You gals in the office have all been so nice and easy to work with. John, whom we met at the house the first time was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and get along with. We were very satisfied with all the work you did!

WATER DAMAGE SERVICE FROM A FROZEN PIPE... We didn’t have the chance to meet the guys who did the work, but we went down yesterday and looked at the house and were very satisfied with what they did. We also appreciated that the company was able to send someone out to do the work in such a timely manner, considering how backed up everyone seems to be from incidents this winter. Thank you so much for all of your help, patience and good customer service!

Thank you. I am happily surprised by the price. Thanks to John and the team for keeping the price as low as possible and getting the unit dried out so quickly. This turned out to be a much more satisfying experience than I expected. I would be happy to recommend to others.

BACKED UP SEWER LINE CAUSED 2' OF STANDING SEWAGE FOR SERVPRO CLEANUP... I recommend to hire more dedicated and hard working professionals like Jyoti and Everette. Jyoti worked tirelessly. They were driven, dependable and determined to get the job done! It was such a pleasure meeting them even though the circumstances weren’t the best.

HOUSE FLOODED IN NEW CASTLE DE BY A WASHING MACHINE OVERFLOW... Martin and Pedro were both extremely pleasant and productive while onsite and very thorough. Jyoti and John were also pleasant and thorough. Lenny was very explanatory and helpful on his assessments too!

WATER DAMAGE FROM A BROKEN PIPE IN WILMINGTON DE... I was not present during work performed – it was handled through a third party (realtor) – but we were very pleased with speed of work completion.

SERVPRO detail cleaned everything that needed cleaning while they ran deodorization machines to get rid of the odor everywhere. My wife and I were quite pleased with how well everything turned out when they were done. They delivered exceptional quality service and did so with a smile.

My unfortunate neighbors home caught fire. Shortly after that, I realized I had smoke and soot throughout my home too. I called SERVPRO to come in and give me an estimate on the cleaning. When John came out to give the estimate he did such a nice job on the evaluation and did so well explaining how they do the soot clean-up I hired them on the spot!

EMERGENCY FIRE DAMAGE CLEAN UP IN RADNOR PA.... The leader of the team was very knowledgeable and professional.

WOW, what courteous, prompt & professional service. Thanks for taking so much pride in your work.

My house is cleaner now than before the smoke and soot damage. Crew cleaning was awesome. Office staff was great too.

Having a fire isn't an easy process but you guys really did help put the all pieces back together.

Very nice work team SERVPRO during an extremely stressful event.

SMOKE DAMAGE CLEANUP IN NEWARK DE... Thank you so much. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your SERVPRO employees. They were so kind to my dog, myself and my kids. We wanted them to stay forever!! They made everything so easy on us during the fireplace smoke damage clean up . I truly cannot thank them enough. You have really awesome people working for SERVPRO! I will recommend you to everyone!! Thank you all and Happy Holidays!!

Sherry and the other girls did such a nice job. They were so careful and so attentive. Thank you for your wonderful work.

After a candle caught our house on fire SERVPRO helped us clean it up. Your SERVPRO Staff did a nice job and was respectful and kind. Excellent service!

After a pretty bad grease fire from our kitchen stove we called SERVPRO to do the clean up. Celeste, Sherry, Terry and Chris - thank you. The team of workers you sent to do the job were very professional and did the best that they could do. They did an excellent job.

My agent called SERVPRO for us after a fire damage cleanup in my garage. At first I thought I only had a fire odor throughout my house but my agent asked them to check the interior of our home for soot too. Even though there was only a few rooms affected I'm glad they checked. Great job fire clean up crew!

We had a brand new faulty appliance catch fire. We had no idea who to call to clean it up. My agent told me we should call SERVPRO to do the cleaning & deodorization and gave us your phone number. We're thankful he did. Your entire team was kind, polite, courteous and detailed in their cleaning. My house looks and smells great again.

John, the SERVPRO cleaning team you sent out made my house look beautiful again. Thank you so much for listening to me and considering my specific needs during the fire clean-up process. I would highly recommend you to everyone!

We just bought a brand-new home AND all brand-new furniture. Due to a defective appliance that caught fire I thought we lost everything....until my insurance adjuster showed up told me to call SERVPRO. Now, my home and everything in it, looks like new again.

Our kitchen was a mess after the fire. John came out and looked at it and assured me everything would be OK. I just can't say enough happy things about John and his fire cleanup crew. Thanks SERVPRO, for making my fire damage like it never even happened.

My house suffered a Water Damage from a hot water heater that burst. Chris is a great crew leader. All of the staff was great!

We had a heater malfunction, also known as a puff back, about three weeks ago. My insurance company required 3 estimates for the clean-up. Rich from SERVPRO was the last of the 3 out to access and estimate. He asked questions, pointed things out, and explained things the other 2 companies never even mentioned. Our obvious choice was SERVPRO. Our insurance adjuster chuckled when we told him we were using you - he said he gets that comment all the time!

We had 3 other companies come out to assess our mold problem. We were not happy with any of them. Our neighbor, who's a contractor, said he worked with you guys in the past. He gave us your info and said you guys are the best. I could tell as soon as I spoke to your office staff we'd be happy. I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone for a mold cleanup.

We had an addition put on our house years ago. We didn't realize it had a leak that was causing moisture problems in the walls until we noticed our walls felt soft. We thought we were only dealing with a little bit of a water problem. Not a major mold problem! Thank you for expeditiously handling everything we needed and doing such fine work.

We were out of town visiting relatives. While we were gone we got heavy rains and had a pretty bad roof leak that allowed water to penetrate one third of our house. When we got back and returned to our home we had water, mold and a strong musty odor in our home. We thought most of our stuff was destroyed but the SERVPRO team took care of everything. Thanks for helping us SERVPRO.

I am so pleased with the results in my home after my water/mold damage clean-up. I called your SERVPRO office and you took care of everything I needed. Thanks so much for all your help, you made my disaster so easy to handle.

After our daughter came home from college for spring break she said her room smelled musty, felt a little damp, and had little black spots in few places. After calling SERVPRO to try to fix it we quickly realized it could be mold. The SERVPRO team that helped us was so great. Everyone really worked hard and was very nice.

I got two estimates. You were higher than the other company. I mistakenly hired them. Then had to hire you to fix what they did wrong. I'll be sure not to make that mistake again! I don't know whether to say thanks or sorry but I'm glad you were able to help.

These gentlemen could not have been better on the job and dealing with me.

The service we received was above and beyond our expectations!

We have a bedroom we used as storage for many years. We rarely went in there and the door was frequently closed. We decided to clean it up and didn't know we had an exterior leak that was getting that room wet. There was mold everywhere when we started moving the boxes. Kudos to SERVPRO for helping us clean up a huge moldy mess!

If I were a bit younger I would have tried to tackle this job myself. But since I'm not I'm glad you were here to help. Thank you to your SERVPRO Office for sending such fine men out here to do such an outstanding job!

The mold in my home was giving me and my husband health concerns. Thank you for getting it all cleaned up and making us feel better too.

John & Jyoti were courteous, professional and knew their business. I will recommend your team highly in the future. John is the reason I hired SERVPRO. I had two other companies come to estimate my mold damage as well, but felt confident with SERVPRO after John’s visit!

We were trying to put our home on the market to sell. The home inspector found mold covering our crawlspace. We had no idea who to call but both my agent and the home inspector recommended you. By the time you guys were done my crawlspace was cleaner than the rest of my house.

You ALWAYS seem to deliver reliable, fast, quality service (with a smile) regardless of how late we call or how nasty the job is. So so so sorry about this last sewer damage clean up!

Hands down, by far the best restoration company that’s worked for me. I've dealt with many others and you guys are the best. True industry professionals leading the pack!

Our investment group owns multiple residential properties in Wilmington Delaware. We've previously used other clean up companies instead of SERVPRO before. You were referred to me by an outside property manager I know when we needed help. He said you guys are the best in the business for fire and water damage clean ups. I can definitely say he's right. No one has ever taken care of our properties and tenants as well as you do!.

It's a tossup between who I liked dealing with more- the office staff or the production staff. Both are friendly, polite and knowledgeable. Great development of a well-rounded team: from the front of the house straight through to the back of the house.

Everyone I spoke to in the office was quite professional, very pleasant, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The production team was just as good. Thanks for all your help.

I own multiple commercial facilities in New Castle County and Delaware County. Anytime there is a fire damage, water damage or a mold problem I have no problem calling SERVPRO of Upper Darby PA and SERVPRO of Bear/New Castle DE to take care of it.

As a property manager I've been solicited by many companies. I tell them all that I always stick with your location because of the great customer service you exhibit.

What an amazing team! They were very fast to complete the job and very professional!

I deal with tradespeople and subcontractors on a daily basis. Some service companies are really good and some service companies are really bad. You guys are definitely one of the best. Thanks for great work.

After 20+ years of leasing commercial space I've seen my share of fires, smoke damages, broken pipes, frozen pipes, roof leaks, window leaks, ice damming, flooded basements, hot water heater breaks and entire buildings flooded by sprinkler systems. I've also dealt with numerous contractors, trades people and subs in my years and I must say that this SERVPRO team is 1 of the best in the business.

Whether it's a major flood, fire or smoke damage clean up, mold remediation or just carpet & duct cleanings, we call you guys for EVERYTHING! You guys are the best of the best. Every property manager in the tri-state area should have you guys on speed dial.

EMERGENCY WATER EXTRACTION FOR A COMMERCIAL WATER LOSS... Awesome! I called at 8:30am with a flooded shop. They were there at 9:30am and done by 11:00am. They saved our ribbon cutting day!


Even though I'm from MD, I've heard over and over again that SERVPRO of Upper Darby & SERVPRO of Bear/New Castle is THE local leader for fire and water damage clean up and restoration in the area. We haven't worked together before but we just had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing a major water loss. We hope we NEVER EVER need you again but I'm glad we have Rich and his team available if we do.

I manage a lot of commercial space. It’s primarily spread out through DE, PA, NJ and MD. Even though your 2 offices, SERVPRO of Upper Darby PA & SERVPRO of Bear/New Castle DE, can't service all of my locations due to distance, in the event of a fire or water loss I always call you first to see if you can or will.

We had our carpets cleaned due to lots of pet stains. Great work and very nice staff!

We have used SERVPRO many times. We are always very satisfied. This time, they really helped us out!

CARPET CLEANING AFTER HEAVY PET STAINING... Crew did a fantastic job! They were extremely courteous and my carpets look better than ever. I can and will SURELY recommend you to everyone!

No recommendations for improvement, as they did a great job, everyone was professional and thoroughly explained the process. They did an excellent job. I’ll use SERVPRO again and again and even tell my friends about my experience.

Great service. Will use SERVPRO again and refer to friends who need restoration.

I'm a single, working mom with two kids. It's important I choose the right service people coming into my house. My insurance agent told me you could be trusted. After I spoke with your office I understood why he thought that way. Everyone I dealt with was caring and understanding. That's important to me. Thank you SERVPRO.

Excellent Job on my Duct Cleaning!

DUCT CLEANING IN WILMINGTON DE.... First time for me. The servicemen were EXCELLENT on customer education which made everything go good and smooth!

Excellent service, efficient, neat & clean work!

We were trying to help a friend of the family get their home cleaned. We thank you very much for the thorough and complete estimate. We appreciate John’s thoughtfulness in going through this process. The estimate seemed to be very fair. Thank you.

Excellent Service. On time and friendly. Great job.

When everyone else said NO to a nasty job. Your team said yes. Thanks for all the help in dealing with a less than ideal situation.

My landlord gave me your number. He said he has you guys on speed dial for emergencies. Thanks for the quality, prompt, professional service.

"Like it never even happened." That says it all. Thanks and Kudos' to friendly, excellent service.

John was great about providing information and communicating the job status.

My agent told me you guys were the local industry leaders in both residential and commercial fire & water cleanup and restoration field. I think he's right! Great work in my home AND at my office at a time of need.

You have always been a reliable source for us. Keep up the good work.

You guys are the best in the industry!

THEY ARE THE BEST! A tree fell on my house during a storm. I got on the phone with them at 2pm, by 3:30 they had an electrician at my house, by 4:00 had a contractor out removing the tree from off my house and by 7:30 they had my roof tarped. I can’t say enough about Rich and the ladies in the office but thank you for a great job!

I've been dealing with contractors like you for many years. There's been few companies that has offered me the service, professionalism, knowledge and expertise that you guys do. SERVPRO of Upper Darby and SERVPRO of Bear/New Castle are one of the best in the industry in Delaware County and New Castle County area.

Whether it's a tornado, heavy rains, windstorm or a hurricane that's coming around, we know we can count on your SERVPRO team.

I only recommend the best to our insured and I only call the best for my needs as well. Thanks for always taking such great care of our clients. And most recently thanks for taking care of me during a time when I needed you too. As always, superb service team SERVPRO!

Our clients are always so pleased with your service. Thanks for making US look so good simply by referring YOU.

Fine people offering fine service with expert knowledge!

2 thumbs up for quality service!!

Everyone we dealt with was sincerely professional and provided outstanding service. Thank you and well done to the SERVPRO team!

The lead technician was very thorough and informative.

We don't have the opportunity to use you much or make many referrals but when we do we ALWAYS recommend you!

Always professional, always polite & always great service.

Superior service. Great work. Your slogan is perfect. Like it never even happened…except for the bill ; ).

Keep up the great work and we'll keep referring you. Once again, nice job guys.

I am so grateful for the work you all performed in our home, the transformation was amazing. So pleased with the results and workmanship. What a great group of people!